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Supplements and why we need them

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  • Supplements and why we need them

    Face up to it. If you train very hard and give it more than your all you are going to need supplements at some point.

    Esp if you only eat the standard UK diet of tea eggs bacon and toast with veg on the weekend only. A lot of people may get the bare min rda of vits a day from food but may only consune say 15g protein a day and not far enough carbs as well.

    Those who illegally use steroids have a far higher nitrogen fixation rate than others in general so need supps from point one or will loose out..

    So who thinks which supps are good, bad , turkey , or just plain rubbish fads fit for the bin ?

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    I think tbh everyone at some point who is gaining in the gym will need supplements on top of their diet whether it be for bulking or dieting. I mean I can eat and eat and eat I can even eat crap all day long and I neer get fat, I find its not easy to gain weight because of my fast metabolism so I use a high calorie mass gain shake like the newest reflex mass gainer which is over 1000 calories per shake, giving that I can't get a full 3 scoops in a shaker and have to do 1 half scoops but with 450ml milk. So basically I have 3 1 and a half servings a day on top of my foot intake because I can't physically consume the amount of food needed for me to gain weight.
    Also a good multi vitamin is always a must imo and month on month off I use reflex puré micronised creatine monohydrate powder which works great for me. I also use omega 3 too.
    I know people down the gym who will buy a tub af pre workout NOX use it daily for a whole month then when they run out and do a session they wonder why they don't have any energy to see them through their workouts and they end up cutting their sessions short because they are I think those kind of supplement should only be used every now and then or on a lagging muscle group like I do. Many years ago I used the BSN No Xplode 1.0 for a whole month which was great but when it had gone well I felt crappy in the gym, and totally sapped of energy that it then set me back in my training...I'll never make that mistake again lol
    ITs Defo a bad idea for people to be using shakes over food all the time though, food beats shakes hands down, shakes are an added bonus post workout and to boost your nutritional intake when you really struggle to eat any more food.


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      Hi myself i use the protein works. They make top quality powders at very competitive prices. Also they come in re seal able pouches rather than tubs. This of course saves on space. But also you can refill your old tubs if you like, or make blends as i did yesterday when i re filled my Creatine fruit punch tub with separate powders to make the same mix but stronger and cheaper.

      They make loads of stuff from porridge's to pancake mixes as well other than the standard powders. And they have a lot of variants at ascending prices.

      Follow my referral link and you are sure to get freebies and lots of offers on your first order.

      You may have to cut and paste
      The Protein Works is a premium protein and sports nutrition brand offering innovative protein shakes and sports supplements. We specialise in protein powders, protein snacks, protein foods and amino acids.
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        Thanks mate I will have a look at some point tomorrow to see what's what 😉


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          Hope we are allowed to post links on here.


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            You may as well try my Musclefood link as well.

            You get free fresh meat for the freezer if you follow this one.

            And its very good and comes nicely packed in plastic.

            Premium lean meats, high-protein foods and sports nutrition supplements for athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.


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              Ok thanks mate your a star!! Defo worth a look


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                I'm sure those links would be fine mate. I've not been fully updated on the forum rules as of yet. That's why I haven't mentioned any lab names but I pretty sure it will be against the rules to be asking where to buy anabolics from on the forum and posting up website sources aswell. Supplements shouldn't be a problem imo tho. Right I'm in bed about to watch haywire2 so it's laterz from me and will catch up with you all tomorrow.