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  • Ostarine ????

    Ostarine, the most popular selling sARM in the world probably, wow, weird one ! So you start off great, then go down hill quite rapidly, thats not too say its no good, but i have a theory, `i am experimenting on this right now!

    I came off gear 3 months ago at 18 stone 6 LB , used Ostarine and LGD. Now, LGD no problems, had customer feed back they all burn more they all report gains some more than others some just bridging cycles and staying full.

    Ostarine binds to the same receptor than shall we say Testosterone does, so, your body thinks there is enough testosterone in your body and shuts it down.
    Now if you are just using sARMS and not AS then you now have zero test ????
    Its a theory, i got emotional, and very angry in a blink of an eye, iI figured it was the long AS cycle followed by the cold turkey, so, shot of HCG, felt better for abut 3 days, then, water retention lines around my socks, I didn't get this when I used steroids, and i used high doses, 10 ml of Cypionate a week was a nothing too me, 30 ml of cypionate a week for a 6 week cycle at one point , never any water lines around the ankles when i removed my socks.

    Again, why, because the Ostarine is telling my body there is loads of testosterone in me, so when I kickstarted the test with HCG it aromatised it into more oestrogen and hence the water retention, this is still theory!!

    I have now added ATD-Ai to the cycle, so, HCG once a week, ostarine and LGD Daily, now with 2 capsules of ATD-Ai per day, its been 5 days, so far no change to water, but i am a little shorter in temper and hungrier, so next week hopefully sorted.

    Anyone using Ostarine to bridge cycles, use hcg and ATD-Ai, this will help i believe?

    Weighing 17 stone 10b at the beginning of the ATD-Ai experiment. No steroids still, 3 months, see what happens in the next 4 weeks.