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PH Good or Bad????

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  • PH Good or Bad????

    I have tried 2 ph in all my years training the 1st ever was superdrol NG If I remember rightly and I'm talk many years ago, I remember getting good strength and gains from it but it killed my liver, the other one I tried was around 2 years ago but I cannot remember what it was called, I had to stop after a week of taking the caps because every day about an hour or so after I took a dose I got constant nose bleeds and my blood pressure was sky high and I had kidney aches from it. I personally think they are allot worse for you than actual oral anabolics like dbol or nap 50s....obviously as long as your not eating the dbols or naps like a bag of skittles lol
    What are your thoughts on this????

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    Are these the things that come as pills in botlles with contents like 1,3 methyl 1,3 benzoloxolol 1,3 dioxolol and 17, 13 14 noo nac nubbley ect im wondering ?

    They have been round for years and a lot of them were banned or re classified as steroids a few years back also.

    One comes to mind that was very popular and could be pricey and that is ANDROSTENDEDIONE.

    You can still get it on ebay but under diff names and mostly weak doses.

    I tried this once while working as an office errand boy and my boss got complaints about me and had a word with me. I knew that when i took the stuff i felt fierce and aggressive. Not strong and confident like with test. I stopped the andro and workers reported that i had returned to normal.

    Apparently they told my gov that i had developed disconcerting ways and a nasty stare in a very short period of time.

    I was unaware i was doing any of this myself.

    There were strength gains and my body became very hard. But only for a couple of hours. So roids would have been better value for money and safer by the look of other reports.
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      Basically they are designer steroids, your body converts them into certain strains of testosterone, so they are as good as testosterone, not sure on halflife but they are definitely as good as testosterone.

      The government did ban a lot of them, so the chemists simply changed the structure slightly to fall out of the restricted substances. bit like what they're doing with rec drugs like MDMA which I believe they altered to MDMX snd of course Mcat, eventually like the afore listed the pro-hormones will be banned, so either alterations will be made again unless of course a blanket ban is put on them covering all modifications and structures that start in a certain way. Government seriously ruins all our fun!

      they cause all the same side effects as steroids but are not illegal as it isn't until our liver alters them I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) turning them in to the testosterone like substances, GENIUS !

      Coming soon NR pro-hormones, but don't ask when because nobody knows!