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Deadlifts and "overtraining"

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  • Deadlifts and "overtraining"

    Deadlifts unlike any other lift burn your CNS out like a mother fucker, people go up up up and then WHAM a brick wall! Not just a brick wall but they feel weaker than before.

    I take months out of the year with no deadlifting at all, usually because of injuries or aches and pains, but to be honest It works out perfectly. I maintain tons of strength and size through various assistance work, and then when Iam ready to ramp up my deadlift its ready to work with me rather than against me.

    I wish I had more tips for people about how to avoid CNS burn out (dont train heavy all the time for starters, or tons of sets etc) but the truth is if you push your deadlift sooner or later it will push back. Just remember that is extremely temporary, and once you recover from said burn out you are ready to start working your way back up to a level you have not yet reached.

    the only reason to lose motivation in training is if you have no choice but to follow the same program and diet that youve been doing with poor results, fortunately NONE of you HAVE to follow anything. So if somethings not working, make some changes, dont get discouraged, your body is just going through phases and this phase requires more time and rest.