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Steroids And Peptides Together Danger?

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  • Steroids And Peptides Together Danger?

    I was recently told that you can inject oil based steroids near where you have injected water based peptides before as it can cause infection, is this true?

    If it is true is there a time when it becomes ok to inject in that area again?

    Say if you had injected FOLLISTATIN 344 in the left shoulder area and then injected Sustanon 250 there a few weeks later would this cause infection?

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    Highly unlikely, most peptides are picked up very quickly by the blood, steroids are different of course as they can take days to be completely flushed from the injection site, you should rotate injection sites, if you keep injecting the same place you run a risk of getting an an infection, same with peptides, but not very likely with a peptide. Follistatin is different however, an injection of Folli hurts and will hurt for approx 7 days, you shouldn't inject a site which is still sore form the last injection even if its just a peptide, the soreness is your body telling you there is something wrong, you dont want to make it worse.