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Disposing of needles etc?

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  • Disposing of needles etc?

    What is the best way to get rid of needles, ampules and the peptide vials?

    The problem is i don't want to go to my GP as i know her and she would have a problem with the fact i was injecting. Im not to keep on going to a pharmacy's like Boots either.

    I have found out you can buy Sharps Bins on Ebay for fairly cheap but would it be worth getting one just to throw these in the regular bin?

    I am in the city and people just drop rubbish down a hole on the ground floor of the apartment blocks and it gets put in a trash compactor and taken away as far as i know so perhaps i shouldn't worry at all since all sorts of stuff gets thrown away by people like loads of glass bottles which would be dangerous also.

    What do people here do when it comes down to throwing away needles do you use a sharp bin etc?