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    Just some pics of myself. Please feel free to post up your pictures people 👍

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    Have you ever been in any zines like muscle mags ect ?

    There used to be alot of underground mags like that round.

    You would easy make money with such a pysique other than bouncing ect where you just even get pricked like a sausage or shot in London.

    I worked as a barman in clubs and discos right thru all the acieed house and rave years and then bouncing was all about underground security firms, protection and debt collecting.


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      No bud I havent, I got offered to do YouTube by this man who approached me in Huntingdon last summer and said he'd pay me but I got a strong impression by the time of his voice that he was gay and had other things in mind so fook that, any man tries to grope me Id rip their head off lol
      I've been offered to do security work but it's £500 to get Ya licence but then I couldn't put up with drunken idiots because theirs only so much Id be able to take Ya know.


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        Me again lol


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          There were no licences when i was in my 20,s.

          Huntingdon ... Do you know James Beardsmore the greengrocer from Bury St Eds, or Thrasher Nick Betson, Or Dave Hardy the jewler from the gold exchange.

          Betson and Beardsmore are or rather were both competitive. Hardy was a power lifter.

          Beardsmore is big in veg now. He used to have a shop but now he dose markets and things all over east anglia.

          I worked in what is now Ruse in Bury for a few years doing bar. It was Vienna back then.

          The security was good we had so few stabbings and so on that the best peeps in town would turn up on a WE.

          Even the guys with the franchises for all the shops and restaurants would kick back there and rave.

          It was a safe place to be.


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            Yeh ditto their wasn't when I was 20 either, back then it was a case of bouncers would just take you out the back and give u a kick in. My best mate who I was always with was a bouncer over Wisbech and he was one hell of a lump then, not someone you'd want dragging you out the back ally lol
            I don't know anyone from bury tho mate, I know loads of people from Huntingdon, Chatteris, march, Peterborough....which is where im at now.


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              That is sad as its a small world when you are competitively big. I remember that when we caught them with guns and knives in thier bags and pockets we would take them to the toilets and paste them round the walls. Then we would keep them there and call the local bobby. He would turn up and arrest them all sodden and bloody and call for a van and take them away. Then we would all have a laugh together like real rotters.

              Then on Monday morning we would just pop along to the magistrates court and give evidence against them and watch them shuttled off to remand and beyond.

              I was the youngest so i had the job of cleaning the blood off the walls in the bogs after they had gone off in the van.

              There was alot of senseless beating handed out by bouncers and they got away with most if not nearly all of it. Buts thats the way it was back then.