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  • Hi

    Hi I'm Roxy and I'm from Torpoint Cornwall xx

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    Hi Roxy, good to see you here. Well done with the weight loss, another 3lb I see, carry on like this you will look like an X-ray !


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      Hi spargo I have lost a total of 6 st 10lbs now I have stopped losing and just staying the same I have finished with the Lipo loss 475 maybe this is proof of its effectiveness as I haven't changed my eating regime I have been using the fragment but at the end of that and my weight has stayed the same so can you recommend what would be the best way to continue as I still have another 2 stone to lose and would be very grateful of your input I have seen on another website Clenbuterol would you recommend Thankyou in advance


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        Would like to say a big thankyou for my Muscle Church mug Im so so thrilled and would like to thank you for such a fantastic site x


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          Also the HCG diet ? HCG for women burns a lot of fat I am told, i don't know much about this though, i know the effects on men, here is another link