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    Hi my user name was supposed to be inkedbar12 not INKERBAR12, my fat fingers hit the wrong keys! Friends know me as El, I'm 30 years old & am training to be big and lean, always been 75kg currently 85kg now guess I left it a little late but better late than never I guess. Looking forward to swapping ideas etc

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    Hi El, I see your user name is now correct ! I hope being 30 isn't too old, I'm 39 and i want to add another stone, which is approx 7 kilos for any americans reading this, I used CJCDAC to get my latest gains, lots of it, I am now just going though the motions for a few months, I will be trying for that last 14b or so from May onwards, I hop to achieve it by December, no idea how or what yet but I will figure something out!

    Welcome to Muscle Church.


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      Hi Spargo, that's wicked thanks for changing it!
      I'll be posting on the forum regarding what peptides people recommend, currently I'm using lr3, mgf & peg mgf which I purchased from "nucleus reaserch" only been on the Lr3 2 days but as soon as I see results I'll post on the forum regarding my experience with it. I'm currently using the peptides along side an AAS cycle.


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        Give the CJC DAC a crack, good stuff. let us know how you get on mate.


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          Im going to buy the CJC DAC tomorrow can you please tell me how to dose it?

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        Sorry mate I missed this post! 😕
        Welcome to muscle church mate!! 👍 feel free to post away.


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          Welcome to muscle church.. Be Intrested to see your results.. I'm currently using ghrp-6 (which is a must for gaining mass constantly hungry) Hexarelin and Mod grf 129.. Seeing some good gains..