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Aviva HGH 40 iu kit

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  • Aviva HGH 40 iu kit

    Hi about a fortnight ago i ordered a 40 iu HGH kit from Syna Gen for a good price.

    I mixed it up with the supplied bac water to give 10 iu per 1 ml syringe full.

    I am now close to the end but i have what seems but i now have what looks like a second set of nails growing on top of the first on my big toes ??

    There is a decided symetrical ridge on each.


    Good gear tho

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    I think it could be a fungus, some of them cause the nail to yellow a little also and as you said the nail gets thicker. However, HGH will have a big effect on fast acting cells, hair nails muscle cells etc. It could be that, my nails grow very fast with CJC, really fast, they haven't thickened though so I am guessing its a fungus. See a chiropodist.