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Is nova better than proviron ?

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    I would expect that much to kill Spargo several times over.

    We should be careful when we all say how much we like to shoot up. As steroid newbies and first timers would read forums like this for guidance of what to do.

    I remeber my first injection of roids was an experimental half ml of EQ. I pumped it in to my biceps not knowing any better.

    Ten mins later i threw open my bedroom window and projectile vomited bout 20 feet.


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      🙀 Hahaaha!!
      My first was Karachi sus and Norma deca but I didn't dare stick a blue needle in me so like a dick I tried to use a 1ml insulin pin and it must have took me an hour just to draw up 1ml 😄


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        That fact is, if you eat a mars bar or drink a can of regular coke, your pancreas will release approx 6 iu of inulin naturally, 1 iu of insulin will cancel out approx 10g of sugar, you need to be taking 10 - 20 iu before an evening meal, then making sure you get loads of carbs, or 10u post workout making sure you get at least 100 grans of carbs, I would recommend 150 perhaps, your sugar levels would be low post workout anyway so you would need a top up.


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          Green all the way, I can't stand injecting, I'm glad to be taking orals for now, just through an orange pin lol I would have lost my head after 10 mins ! The only thing that would have grown were my thumb muscles!


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            After what folks had said on here i decided to pop in to my local needle exchange and have a chat with them bout what ive been doing the past year.

            I have only had one apses so far and this is the sort of thing that worry's me.

            It was Christmas and i was looking after my sick mum after her stroke. So i dare not go to A and E and maybe admitted overnight. So i decided to sort it out myself.

            As i have had some psudo medical training and done a lot of A and P i decided to watch an apses procedure on you tube and follow it through myself after buying a sterile scalpel on ebay.

            I did the job very well but to my horror half a mug full of black stinking muck squirted out of me. A tea towel was red with blood after all the fluid had subsided but it did feel very relieving. I had to put the blade in deep though

            The syringes that i was getting from ebay were so bad that sometimes the needles would fall off the ends !!

            They said that for my physique i should use green all the time. where before i always used blue..Now the oil just flows in me very smoothly.