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    Please if you ever get offered Isis labs then I would advise you to stay clear of it as in the needle exchanges around here their are posters up about people getting bad abbesses, very painful injecttion sites and even really bad skin reactions from it. So just a heads up!

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    isis are pretty good from what I know of this particular subject, however, i have heard of fakes, box's don't fit correctly, only 9ml per bottle, if you get the real stuff your laughing.

    I think these counterfeiters are twats, really low and can cause significant problems for users, god only knows whats really in it, probably nothing, my concern is what if they use peanut oil and someone has an allergy to nuts, very irresponsible !


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      Yeh true mate, but personally Id not touch it with a barge pole. I like to stick to my main suppliers I've used for allot of years as they only get in certain brands because they know it's good and they also own gyms so can't afford bad comebacks Ya know.
      Before when I moderated years ago on musclefreaks fakes were so easy to spot but nowadays the bastards become even more clever with their packaging, not using cheap ink or cheap labels and even holograms it's unreal


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        I agree with that, its easy to counterfeit which is why you should stick with trusted suppliers, I believe rohm were counterfeited for a while, the counterfeiters put holograms on the fakes, punters wouldn't buy the ones without holograms lol they thought they were the fakes, Rohm and Prochem both good labs let down by counterfeiters, good products if you get their real ones.


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          I remember pro Chem I used allot of their gear many years ago before they stopped production and it was great gear and had a very good rep back then. I know PC have started producing again but not actually used any since they have been for around the kart 6-8 months